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Scream to a Pie
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A lulzy community for fans of the Manic Street Preachers
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Welcome to manics_lolz, the not so srs livejournal community for the Manic Street Preachers! This community was created in 2005 by themetunes & is co-moderated by richey. Profile & journal layouts by minty_peach.


  • Don't be a drama llama. You will be b&!
  • Pls lj-cut gigantic pix or groups of pix
  • Don't spam

"I want chocolate that satisfies me,
not makes the world a better place!" - Nicky Wire

Made by mooglefan

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Made by mooglefan
10 inches, 1990-1995, 4st 7pubes, 6 foot 4, actually not jude law, archives of pubes, awwww!, being disowned, being half welsh, being welsh, bi-monthly-manics-conventions, bless 'im, bradford, braindeadmotherfuckers, bunk beds, clash luvvin', commenting-on-pawls-cheekbones, culture slut, death by disappearance, death by lolz, death by paracetomol, death by pies, death by sean, doing-the-hoovering-to-be-like-nickeh, dresses, dying your hair, dying-one's-pubes-pink, dysons, dysons!, everything must go, faster, feeling transvestite-y, feeling-alone-amongst-the-weeds, football over music, generation terrorists, getting-into-sticky-situations, gold against the soul, haha-come, heal-yrself-hurt-yrself-jude-yrself, hot trumpet action, i'm juding myself!, james dean badfiled, james dean bradfield, james dean breadfield, james dean squidfield, jd"m"b-wanting-to-be-a-beastie-boy, jude yr'self, juding myself, know your enemy, lame innuendos, lame lyric quoting, leg jealousy, lifeblood, lipstick traces, lol, lolling at dead relatives, lolz, lolz acne!, loving trees, manic street preachers, mocking sean, motorcycle hawtness, mucking up song titles, nickeh being srsly weird, nickeh pwning rose's hair, nickeh!, nickeh!pubes, nickeh's rolling pin, nickeh's voice, nickeh-being-concussed-by-his-own-hawtness, nickeh-is-not-nasal-so-stfu, nicky wire, nicky wire saying "sexuality", nicky wire's bitterness, nicky!p33n, nicky-wire-housewife-for-hire, nicky/richey, not nicholas jones, not pepsi, not ribena light, not-being-able-to-spell-james-dean-bradfield, not-getting-references, ocean-spray-being-a-health-drink, odd cover versions, oding-on-four-paracetmol, oh-noes-sean-got-disowned-again, omgthatvideoclipastridsentme!, omgthatvideoclipisentrose!, oyster!p0rn, oyster!porn, oysters, paint, paracetomol, photoshop, playing-trumpet-like-a-bitch, pocket tvs, pubes in the summertime, pubezzz and legzzz, pwned by manics, reechee!, ribena, rich drummers, richey edwards, s00pah-nickeh!, saying-train-in-vain-in-a-thick-welsh-accent, sean moore, sean's pies, see through dresses, skipping on stage, spazzing, speaking-before-thinking, sticky nicky, teh hoky boble, the black lung, the cl45h, the clash, the holy bible, the millenium fairy, typos-that-turn-into-cults, wales, wales yay!, wanting-to-be-a-pocket-tv